New Gates

We were asked to install two gates down by the weir where the Worcestershire Way and the Geopark Way cross from open land to trees. There are reports of motorised vehicles speeding through the woodland and the owner wished to stop it.

It was a big job, taking us 4 longish sessions to build ramps, install two RADAR gates, lengths of fencing with sheep and lamb proof netting and so on.  Moving all of the timber, rubble, netting, tools, generator to site was itself a big procedure, thanks in part, to the l/o who did take some kit down on the trailer behind his quad bike, otherwise we carried it!  Special thanks and commendations once again are owed to our leader, Jon Pearsall, who masterminded the plan, bought much of, and assembled all of the gear and generally kept us in order.  Thanks too to all of the volunteers who were able to come along.  The gates allow disabled users on mobility vehicles and in possession of a RADAR key, to open it up so they can pass through but at the same time prevents use of the gate other than for walking access.  Its design stops motorcycles for example.  Whilst trying with the combined intelligence of a dozen PONS to work out how the gates were to be assembled, we wished that we had been issued with drawings showing the exact layout so that footing holes could be dug in the correct place, one time only.  Ah well, we are used to being kept in the dark.

A final, fourth work party was held 1st Feb to attach mesh to sides and walkway.