In early 2011 Jon Pearsall led us in a huge project at Brook Court, home of James Hyslop who had asked the group to clear undergrowth from his woodland and to build a bridge over a new stream that had appeared when he re-created the ancient mill pool above the mill dam.  JP worked tirelessly to weld up then install the bridge and adjustable weir structure.  The weather was fantastic (used to be in those days), James brought out the cider and the finished project was work that we could be proud of.  Our coffers swelled from our ‘voluntary’ work, enabling us to be independent of the county council and to purchase our own time saving strimming machines and hedge trimmers, so the whole community benefited.


We celebrated our coming of age–our 18th birthday on 16th December 2007; we now think that was probably our 22nd but anyway a very good time was had by all.  Full English breakfast at The Chandlery with all the trimmings and a cake made to represent fields, trees, styles, signposts–clever work by a lady from Ombersley.  As Life President, Audrey had the honour of cutting the first slice


In December 2011, the month of funny milk, we knocked off a number of (muddy) jobs down at Horsham.  First was a major repair and de-silting of the sleeper way on the path down the valley.  A new gate was installed at the edge of woodland and another in the valley below Hilltop Farm.  All enjoyed an Xmas BBQ of bacon butties cooked in freezing conditions.  Audrey’s mince pies and coffee followed.  Funny how the turn out goes up at this traditional meet.


Pictures from work in 2003; first two–a new bridge over the brook dividing Tim Nott’s Prickley Farm from Bulmer’s Orchards, then a sequence showing the Path-or-Nones dealing with a large fractured cherry tree.  The tree had split five or six metres up the trunk and was being supported by other trees,  directly over the bridle path from the ridge of Rodge Hill.  The PONS successfully and safely brought the tree down, salvaging a large amount of honey from a bees nest built at the point where the tree had broken in two, seen in the last slide being held by keen bee enthusiast, Audrey Trumper.


More pictures from 2003–this time from Rodge/Pudford Hills the long limestone ridge that gives such wonderful views west across the River Teme and into the valley below.  Since 2003 the views have changed.  Trees were harvested in the beech woodland to the east, thence affording better vision in that direction, but young trees seen in some of the photos have now obscured once terrific views to the west.  Only the topmost part of the hills are now clear, near where a bench, erected to the Path-or-Nones, forms a useful resting pace for weary walkers.


A selection of photos starting with Bill Wainwrights cockatiels (now in 2013 long gone) in the middle of Bulmer’s orchards; the annual display of apple blossom, sometimes more intense, sometimes less but never failing to impress; the path around Penny Hill quarry, used as a rubbish dump for many years then capped and grassed leaving rocky exposures in the woodland and showing some of the 135 steps the PONS installed.  The damsons at Chantry school and the seat erected in memory of Keith Trumper–‘Captain’ Martley’s first Parish Footpath Officer



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