Balance and Ballet

From the furthest South to the furthest North, beautifully organised with no wasted driving around the parish for hours.





Those posts are not upright (or is it the bloody idiots in yellow?)

IMG_1259John N, Ben C, John C, Ian P, Jon P, Rob D, Simon H, Andy P, Mike I, Tom P rarely as large a group as this, must be nearing the time of funny milk.

Where were we then?, First the South, two new signposts:

map one 15nov15

The North, replaced very heavy gate post, cleared scrub, installed and signed new waymark post; routes 812, 813 and 814 split here with this little postage stamp sized bit of Martley North of Ockeridge Lane

map two15nov15


No, that way, blimey you live locally, don’t you know the paths round ‘ere?


Darth Vader put in a guest appearance too.  Spot the new post


Something like the Russian Army on manoeuvres arrived, terrified the locals and swept off  not to be seen hereabouts for another 20 years