Martley Footpath Network

The Parish of Martley in Worcestershire has a network of footpaths made up of 296 separate links, total length around 42 miles (60km footways, 7km bridleways). These were registered as public rights of way following passing of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act of 1949. In recent years more and more interest has been shown in opening and maintaining these paths all over the country, after all, as a walker you have as much right to be on the path, as you do on any public road.

Around 1985, a group of volunteers was established under the leadership of Mr Keith Trumper, the first appointed Footpaths Officer of Martley parish. The purpose of the group was to open up local rights of way, often in poor condition, for all to enjoy, and in this the group has been singularly successful. Martley is well known to have one of the most complete and well signposted networks anywhere in the County.

The group has a strange name–brainstormed in a local pub, probably after too many ales– ‘The Path-or-Nones” from the Greek (obviously). In fact, in the British Museum there is a whole gallery devoted to us (unusually, for such an august institution they had trouble with the spelling–I have complained). We meet for 2-3 hours, third Sunday of each month, tackling anything from clearance of undergrowth to the installation of bridges, stiles, steps and signposts. Do join us at 0900 in the car park of The Crown public house for a mornings worthwhile effort and good ‘crack’.

Worcestershire County Council grant aids the effort, in what is known as the Parish Paths Partnership (P3), administered by Martley Parish Council. As liaison between walkers, landowners and the County, a local person is appointed as Parish Paths Warden, currently John Nicklin, who succeeded Mr Trumper in the late 90s.

The Path-or-Nones do not organise walks, this is left to others, but they have produced a set of pamphlets for circular walks in the parish. These are now included on this web site for download.

For more information call John Nicklin on 0203 371 7647 / 0774 977 4432 email

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