August Clearence

A record of several journeys into the jungles of our local paths during the month.

Most exciting thing that happened was the phone call received after clearing paths along Mike Nott’s garden panelling.  We cut back a very overhanging barrier of honeysuckle (I think) that severely impeded progress along the right of way.  Mike, in good humour to be fair, but harried from behind I was made to understand, wanted to know why we had cut it back, it not being the end of the month of August n’all.  After this date it seems, vegetation can be tackled with vengeance and no fear of retribution and imprisonment from jobsworths at DEFRA.   I suggested that the 16th August wasn’t too distant from the end of the month so maybe punishment would be withheld.  I asked him if it was his spaniel that had rushed out and bitten us and what did he think about that (it was and it didn’t). Anyway he praised the PONS for the work they do.

Mike Nott's Area

Mike Nott’s Area FP740 cleared

Apart from that little task, good progress was made around Quarry Farm , near Mel Farmers and the path off Pudford Lane between Hollins Lane and B4297

Quarry Farm Area FP

Quarry Farm Area FP555. 556 (all round the quarry) cleared










Mel Farmer's Area

Mel Farmer’s Area, FP704 and 705 cleared













Tuesday 18th Ian, Simon and self cleared paths around Aldens and David Harrisons–those not done a month ago then Ben went out on 20th and 21st to clear off some stiles–thanks Ben.  He worked his way down Pudford Lane, also along the road towards the Masons (not sure how long that took) and up Easinghope Lane area too , excellent thanks.  Thanks too to Alan Gosling who checked out a couple of machines this month.

Aldens and David Harrisons Area

Aldens and David Harrisons Area FP 640 and 641 parts cleared and 620