Feel free to print off copies of these guides. It is best to print straight from viewing them in your browser, not very satisfactory from Google Maps or Earth as yet. (Large) Map of all routes: Martley Walks. A most useful reference is the County Council definitive map that shows the paths in real detail, find it here, dial in Martley as the parish.


1 1.2 Miles A Circular Walk with Good Views of Martley Walk 1 Leaflet
4 3.2 Miles A Circular Walk around Laugherne Brook
Walk 4 Leaflet
5 1.5 Miles An Orchard Walk
Walk 5 Leaflet
6 3.7 Miles A Walk in the Lands to the East of Martley
Walk 6 Leaflet
7 3 Miles A Circular Walk with Teme Valley Views
Walk 7 Leaflet
8 3 Miles Fine Views and Historic Places
Walk 8 Leaflet
9 3.4 Miles A Walk around Horsham
Walk 9 Leaflet
10 2.8 Miles From River to Ridge and Back
Walk 10 Leaflet

NOTE In October 2009, Worcestershire County Council released a superb, free leaflet guiding you around the Martley Circular Walk, that they had recently upgraded. These leaflets are available from shops/ pubs in Martley. Our routes (Walks 2 & 3) followed a very similar line and we have therefore decided to withdraw these. Click HERE to see and download it.

Do check out the routes in Google Maps–click the links above. In Google Maps, try Google Earth (if you don’t have it, download it, it is fantastic). Once in GE (you have to wait a bit), click Tools > Options > 3D View, and set the ‘elevation exaggeration‘ to say 2 or even 3. With this you see real hills!

Keith and Audrey Trumper.KE&AUDbigger Keith, along with Kevin Oliver of Worcestershire Rights of Way, was instrumental in launching the Path-or-Nones. Keith was known as ‘Captain’, and much loved by all of us. Audrey has always looked after the group, bringing refreshments to our working parties–thanks Audrey.

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