Walkers are Welcome (WaW)

Walkers are Welcome is a national organisation encouraging communities to celebrate walking and to welcome walkers to their areas.  WaW sets criteria against which aspiring villages and towns can measure themselves and if successful in meeting them, are welcomed into the WaW fold.

Martley was the 13th community in the country to be accredited and the first in Worcestershire.  We are proud of this achievement, continuing as it did our ongoing work on rights of way through the Path-or-Nones group (30 years old in 2015) and the publishing of ten circular walks leaflets by Audrey and Keith Trumper in the 80s and 90s. To find out much more go to the WaW web site.

Here are the aims of WaW as taken from their site:

  • be attractive destinations for walkers with top quality information on local walks
  • offer local people and visitors excellent walking opportunities within their areas
  • ensure that footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained, improved and well signposted
  • contribute to local tourism plans and regeneration strategies
  • promote the health benefits of walking and increase participation
  • encourage the use of public transport

It is well recognised that Martley, through the practical help of the Path-or-Nones and the support and encouragment of the Parish Council and our farmers, meets the above.

You will see this logo in our shops and pubs and at the noticeboard, showing that Martley Welcomes Walkers


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