17th Dec 17–Xmas Meet

Wet, dirty, cold

and that was just my old pair of standard issue gloves.

Not many turned out–thanks for those who made it known that they could not be there–Ruari, Mike, Paul, Terry, Janet, Andy, Tony I recall.  Thanks too in great abundance to JP, who in short order had organized fencing, handrails and a real heavy load of kit to do a ‘special’, that is, to install two gates with ramps down by the old weir on the Teme.  The new gates are known as RADAR (Royal Association for Disability And Rehabilitation) gates that allow those on mobility scooters to open the gate with a key they carry but at the same time, walkers use a normal gate which with the hoops makes it really difficult for others e.g. illegal motorcyclists  to get through.

Big job and huge amounts to carry to the site along the Worcestershire and Geo-park ways, with sleet threatening and old snow lying around.  Tom took his ginger Discovery, sorry, gingerly took his Discovery along the track as far as he dared before unwilling hands offloaded and lugged the gear down to marshalling sites.

The combined brainpower of around 105 totalled from 7 of us, eventually worked out how we had to install the gates, their hoops, fences and ramps.  That exhausted us so much that we were forced to stagger back to Julien’s hospitality suite to enjoy minced pies, bacon butties, excellent mulled wine and a great variety of gins and vodkas brewed by JK.

We plan to have an extraordinary meet to complete the work so we can get back on to repairing our circular walks routes.  Anything like today’s gathering and it will certainly be out of the ordinary anyway.  Happy Festive Season to all our readers.

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